#askfedi Hey #devs, I could use some guidance. I have a professional background in #pentesting, primarily #socialengineering but I did a lot hacking on websites/webapps, networks, and password cracking, as well. As far as #programming languages go, I only know enough JS and SQL to break things, and I've forgotten more Python than I've ever used.

I think I want to learn to code and transition towards #softwaredevelopment professionally, but what I'm really interested in is developing #FOSS, especially #Privacy- and #Security-oriented software. Are there ways to make a good living working on free and #opensource projects? And what skills would I need to develop in order to become competent?

Any and all advice is welcome. :10outof10:

You know that 'Bionic Reading' thing that's supposed to be easier for some people to read? It's behind a $500 a month API, so someone made a free alternative: not-br.neocities.org/

Just so you know ... if your toot contains the phrase "RT" I am not seeing your toots ... If I wanted Twitter, I would have stayed on Twitter.

Dear #BigTech,

Stop trying to kill privacy.

It's NOT going to happen.

K. Bye. πŸ‘‹

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My #codenewbie self made a thing I’m proud of: fyrfli.github.io/quotes/

Next step: my start page using some of what I learned doing this one.

Hi y'all. Guess I should do an #introduction.

So, I am techie who started out in COBOL on *nix, migrated to Informix on *nix, and on to Oracle on *nix. I've used Windows, but I much prefer using *nix ... so much so that all my home services are either on a debian, ubuntu, or centos distro. And also why I am still using OS X (cept for gaming).

I am currently upgrading my coding skills, specifically #frontenddev (#html, #css, #javascript).

I'm here to connect to other techies and pros. πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

New project for me: node bot to post random puppy pics every few hours to the fedi. πŸ€“

So, for those of you who follow me @me, I goofed on moving the server so federation is no broken. To fix it, in the even you want to fix it, you're gonna have to unfollow and follow again. /sigh

Learning curves suck sometimes.

Also, I am not showing up in timelines... /pout The move didn't happen properly?

Well crap ... that server migration kinda didn't happen the way I wanted it to ... oh well. To my followers, I am so very sorry for the confusion


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